Franchise Application

Become our reseller Because ...

1. A Wide Visual Archive

Our archive gives you the choice with thousands of images that you do have never seen before. You can advise your client images of different shades to choose different place to live.

2. Quality Printing

We produce healthy wallpaper remains strong for years using the pigmented paint based on water with the technique of UV printing. With the UV printing in photo quality color remains strong and the possibility of choosing our product remains elevated.

3. Fast Delivery

Fast delivery luck associated with the delivery companies. Control of the wallpaper is immediately set printing, sends the package is sent after being packaged in the best way. The Delivrey compared to your location.Customers do not wait for days and days. The wallpapers are safeguarded in the event of damage during delivery.

4. Power Brand

We do Wall Stil a favorite brand and sought worldwide in the field of 3D wallpaper. Customers who need a 3D wallpaper will think first of all to Wallstil.

5. Franchise Support

We help you to sell your products with catalogs, posters, and samples. We decorate your store with Flipcard stickers to show that you are our dealers.

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