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Without the obligation to prevent in advance Wallstil.com rights to change the present services in the site, products, conditions of use and also change the information that is in the site, the site réorgaiser and break the broadcast. The changes are effective at the time of the distribution of these, more as a result of the use and the entrance to the site these changes are considered as accepted.

The coordinates ed shared ed or actualis ed by the user such as address, email, ssue t e l e phone fixed and mobile and other contact information may be shared ed with users to communication information , marketing, notification, and other ways, after è s use of mail, email, SMS, communication t e l e sound recorded ed in the site BenimDuvarım.com. Except that it specifies its rights as described é the user accepts and confirms sharing its coordinates ed by Wallstil.com Company as indicated above.

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Without an authorization previously taken and without declared the source, including code and software, themat e riels that are on the site may neither be changed or be copied, reproduced or translated into another language or ed published again, nor charged ed in another computer, or sent ed, transmitted or presented, and can not be distirbued. Some or all of the site can not be used another site without permission. Of contrary actions must be accompanied ed idiots epenal legal consequences. BeniDuvarım.com retains its other rightswhich do not have e ty quotes here.
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